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Catégorie: janvier-juin 2019
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Réf.: Theatrical Improvisation 17.2
Theatrical Improvisation (FR-EN) 18 and +
Mondays 20:00-21:30.10 courses
With Chris BEGUIN (AskFor).

IF YOU PREFER TU REGISTER IN ENGLISH Please write us an email at
We will send you an english form.

*the course has already started...but you can attend the course and pay only the courses attended..just write us an email...
If you want to try one time or just come a few times the price is 50frs. if you attend all the courses until end of March the course is 39frs each course...* just write us or come to see the course

For those new to acting, performance or Improvisation, this session is fun, energetic and will fire up your imagination and creativity.

Take a few hours in the evening to discover the world of Theatrical Improvisation!

A theatrical technique that helps develop creativity, listening skills and exchanges. The actor acts without predefined lines, without preconceived stage settings, simply according to his inspiration. This technique is an important element in the training of actors and is used in most dramatic art courses.

Through this level 1 course, we would like to share with you how and why theatrical improvisation can considerably enrich your daily life by stimulating communication, listening skills and helps to develop confidence, authority and teamwork. The course is given simultaneously in French and English – A good way to improve a bit more your French for example!

Through a series of exercises, games and scene work you will build the confidence and technique to take control of situations where there is no script.

Improvisation Course Content
You will be taken through the building blocks of Improvisation including spontaneity, listening, building ideas, imagination and communication:
- Accessing spontaneity and instinct
- Listening and responding
- Offering and accepting
- Confidence and clarity
- Use of Voice and Body language

Improvisation - Level 1 tutors:

Candidates and Prerequisites:
- Course for adults (18+), open to all without prerequisites
- Good English and French skills

Minimum 7 students
Du: Lundi, 8 Janvier 2018
Au: Lundi, 26 Mars 2018
Détails des cours
COURSE Theatrical Improvisation (FR-EN) 17.2
Mondays, 10 weekly courses

Janvier: 8, 15, 22, 29
Février: 5, 12,
Mars: 5, 12, 19, 26
Du Lundi, 8 Janvier 2018
Au Lundi, 26 Mars 2018
De 20h00 à 21h30
390,00.- CHF
Théâtre multiculturel
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